About NZWiR

Welcome to New Zealand Women in Roofing (NZWiR) an independent association to support women in the roofing industry Incorporated 2019.

Education • Mentoring • Networking • Recruiting

New Zealand Woman in Roofing is a volunteer based organisation that supports and advances the careers of woman roofing professionals.

We provide networking, mentoring, education and recruitment opportunities from the rooftop to the board room. For the young professional at the start of her career to the seasoned manager.

Through our commitment to connect and empower woman in roofing, we contribute to the overall betterment in professionalism of the roofing industry in New Zealand.

Our Goals


Create high-quality learning programs and experiences for men and women to build successful businesses and careers in roofing.


Mentor and empower women in the roofing industry to achieve excellence in their chosen careers


Provide opportunities to inter-act with women in the roofing industry, creating strong, long-lasting and supportive networks.


Reach beyond traditional recruitment strategies to attract and hire women who will bring diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences to the roofing industry.

Board Members


Jenny Maxwell

Board Member

Jade Walker

Board Member

Levern Thomas

Board Member

Rebecca Holland

Board Member

Debbie Wickliffe

Board Member

Deborah Harkin

Board Member

Alison Walker

Board Member

Ange Smith