New Zealand Women in Roofing (NZWiR) is offering sponsorship opportunities to roofing industry partners and individuals to support the recruitment, mentoring, education and networking of women and the roofing profession.

We invite you to join us to take an important step to help advance New Zealand Women in Roofing.

Sponsors play a crucial role in enabling NZWiR to achieve these goals and to provide individuals with the opportunity to be part of an organisation comprised of the best and brightest , women and men, both new and established within industry.

Your sponsorship will give you access to:


Your logo will be included on our website, social media, newsletters and printed materials.


Depending on the level of sponsorship you choose, NZWiR will provide you with complementary membership for you or anyone of your choosing.

Above all you will be supporting a group of energized and empowered women and men who are joining together to take the roofing industry to the next level of excellence.

Annual Sponsorship Packages


$5,000.00 with 5 complementary memberships


$3,000.00 with 3 complementary memberships


$1,000.00 with 1 complementary membership

Founding Partner

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