Welcome to New Zealand Women in Roofing, an independent organisation to support women within the roofing industry Incorporated in 2019. NZWiR is proud to offer memberships for women and men associated with the roofing industry.

You will become part of a group of energised, empowered women – and the men who support their goals – who are joining together to take the roofing industry to the next level of excellence. Membership is open to women and men.

We invite you to join us to take an important step to help advance New Zealand Women in Roofing. Membership initially launched on June 2019. All members who joined by May 31st 2020 are forever recognised as “Founding Members”

Your membership will give you access to:


High-quality learning programs and experiences to build successful businesses and careers in roofing.


Mentoring from seasoned roofing professionals and industry leaders who will help guide you in important career decisions and help you solve workplace challenges.


Networking sessions at industry events with an emphasis on programs that will advance woman’s career paths in roofing at every level.


Recruitment channels that will give you access to rising stars in the roofing industry.

The annual membership subscription fee is $60.00 +gst.

Join us today

We’re here to support your career in roofing, become a member today by completing the membership enrolment form.