Lisa Adrian

I’m Lisa Adrian, my Husband, Kelvin and I live in Christchurch with our 18month old daughter, Maddison, we also have a handful of teens, my Step Son, Jordan, his partner Soraya, and their 6 month old Son Malakai, as well as our unofficially adopted Son, La’Treyl, his partner Lavarna… two cats, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree! 

I started with Steel and Tube in 2012, working in the roofing industry was like nothing I’d ever done before, but I enjoyed every minute, learning the roofing jargon & connecting with customers and contractors for all of their roofing requirements.

I have been across many different aspects of the business in that time, starting in customer service, through to contract pricing, coil & purlins, before settling into my current role as Project Manager for our local supply and installation. 

I’m amazed and super proud of how many women are now in roles like this across the roofing & construction industry. When I first started, it certainly wasn’t the ‘norm’, and it took a few changes for someone to believe, what I already knew, that a woman could do it! Of course, the doubt gave me more enthusiasm to prove them wrong, but above that, I wanted to show other young women coming in, that there really is a career as a woman in Roofing! Having NZWIR is totally awesome, and incredibly empowering, I always come away from get togethers with newfound excitement for what we are doing and the impact we are having on the industry.